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Why does my ear hurt in cold weather? Ears cool down very quickly because they have no protective fat tissue. In addition, the risk of infection in the ears increases in cold conditions because less blood is circulated. Cold and wind can irritate the ear canal, which often causes pain, while water in the ears can cause inflammation.
What causes acute otitis media? Swelling, inflammation and mucus in the eustachian tubes from an upper respiratory infection or allergy can block them, causing the accumulation of fluids in the middle ear. A bacterial or viral infection of this fluid is usually what produces the symptoms of an ear infection.
How long does it take to treat otitis media? Amoxicillin at a dosage of 80 to 90 mg per kg per day should be the first-line antibiotic for most children with acute otitis media. Patients with otitis media who fail to respond to the initial treatment option within 48 to 72 hours should be reassessed to confirm the diagnosis.
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