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The questions below will be often up to date to replicate present info related to the coronavirus and COVID-19. Although you could not have job protection through FMLA for a go away related to your own medical situation, you'll have job safety by the NJ Family Go away Act for a depart associated to caregiving for a loved one or bonding with a brand new child.
It appears highly possible that the brand new coronavirus, catchily named COVID-19, originated in animals The present consensus seems to be that it is primarily a bat virus, although some genetic enter from associated coronaviruses circulating in snakes or pangolins has also been advised.
Because many of the COVID-19 circumstances that we know about are gentle, well being specialists suspect that many more infected individuals have not presented themselves to well being care providers to be tested. A World Health Organization scientific transient from March 29 discovered that there have been no stories of airborne transmission of the brand new coronavirus.
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