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Do today's entrepreneurs have the muscle memory for busts? A Chilean man claiming to be infected with coronavirus purposely coughed, sneezed and spit at an Argentine reporter during a live newscast at an Argentina bus station.
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Doctors in the Lombardy region tell of critically ill patients who should be in intensive care but are instead slumped in busy wards because of a woeful lack of equipment and staff. Fears are growing about what happens if community transmission takes off in the crowded areas of the worlds second-most-populous nation. Professor Neil Ferguson, an Imperial College London virus expert who has been advising UK officials on coronavirus for two months, said he is now in self-isolation.
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Joe Biden swept Arizona, Florida and Illinois on Tuesday and Bernie Sanders continued to lose ground in the Democratic primarys delegate count. Actor Tom Hanks said on Thursday (March 12) that he and his wife Rita Wilson have both tested positive for the coronavirus in Australia. Gloria Tso reports. Pitino, a Hall of Famer, had been out of college basketball since 2017, when he was fired from Louisville amid a federal investigation. The site from Googles sister company, Verily, was rolled out to two Northern California counties in hopes of guiding people to local virus testing.
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