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Kayley-May Snell woke up on Sunday morning to find the 10ft-high trampoline - complete with safety net - sitting upright on her lawn, in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
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The average person spends 7,994 hours of their life dwelling on regrets and most of us think we'd be better off and happier if we had taken more risks, a survey has found. Some artists say Desert X AlUla is a step toward changing Saudi society. Critics call the government-funded exhibition morally corrupt.
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, JetBlue is having a sale. The two-day sale, which ends at 1159 pm ET on February 12, boasts fares as low as $20 one way. Some artists say Desert X AlUla is a step toward changing Saudi society. Critics call the government-funded exhibition morally corrupt. Douglas Stuarts Shuggie Bain follows a boy and his family as things go from bad to worse to excruciating in a fierce but loving tale. The star singer-songwriter is leaving Sony/ATV, the home of her music publishing rights since age 14, for a new agreement with Universal. Peasant Woman in Front of a Farmhouse, painted by the 33-year-old artist in 1885 four years before his death, is believed to be one of the first ever works Van Gogh offered for sale. She forked out $4000 on a Bangkok boob job before appearing on Married At First Sight. And on Wednesday's episode of the reality show, Hayley Vernon proudly showed off her artificial assets,
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SoftBank profits have been almost entirely wiped out, as the company continues to feel the pain from big losses in its massive tech fund.
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Our top photos from the last 24 hours. A growing number of countries around the world are evacuating or planning to evacuate diplomatic staff and citizens from parts of China hit by the new coronavirus.
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Social Security will not pay benefits to same-sex spouses in states where their marriage is not recognized. The presidents proposal can be read as a second-term policy blueprint. On the future of the Affordable Care Act, its awfully vague. ALEX BRUMMER As a long-term advocate of restoring Britain's ageing transport, energy and communications systems, I am delighted that Johnson...
Researchers from Emory University say if you fly and there's an infected person on board, sitting in a window seat and staying put reduces your chance of catching it. Metropolitan Diary A memory of a lonely student's passion for a professor gazing at her, loving her voice, writing poems about her. The nine-year-old was sucked into the drain at Latimers Crossing in Nerang on Wednesday afternoon. Several actresses, a production assistant and a scriptwriter testified against Harvey Weinstein during his trial over the past few weeks. Over two dozen large trade fairs and industry conferences in China and overseas have been postponed due to travel curbs and concerns about the spread of the 2019 coronavirus, potentially disrupting billions of dollars' worth of deals. The 24-year-old rallied the Kansas City Chiefs from their third consecutive postseason deficit to win the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers.
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The annual rivalry for Eastern Massachusetts bragging rights is being contested with players from around the world. Shoppers were left fuming when they saw how the driver had parked her Audi A5 Quattro, which costs about $79,500, at theColes Express in Melbourne The Holiday Guru is always on call to answer your questions. This week's topics also include taking a 'car train' to Austria and visiting the Camargue in France. An Easter show ride was allowed to reopen two days after a six-year-old boy fell to his death at a Victorian carnival.
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