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There have been many memorable faces and moments at the annual gathering of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Here are some that have stood out. The strange experiments were inspired by a resurfaced 2013 study that determined mice have a form of taste receptors in their testes. The 2016 loser reversed after setting off a firestorm in an interview promoting her Hulu documentary about her life and marriage by declining to commit to backing Sanders and saying 'nobody likes him.' He's not known for being a bad sport, but tennis ace Novak Djokovic flipped a table at comedian Andy Lee out of frustration on Monday. UK charity Dogs Trust has warned pet owners about the dangers of being conned or'dogfished' into buying puppies that often have hidden health or behavioural problems.
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Local officials apologized, but the crackdown on a common and comfortable practice has raised a rare outcry over privacy in a country accustomed to surveillance. The race among start ups to win the self driving car billions is heating up and the field is crowded with 75 of them in Silicon Valley alone and more than 240 around the world. On Chinese social media, where diplomatic rows rarely break into view, people have watched with fascination as the two countries embassies trade barbs. U.S. immigration officials on Monday deported an Iranian student headed to a Boston university despite efforts by the American Civil Liberties Union and other advocates to block the removal. A San Francisco company wants to convince office workers to lie down on the job with an enormous reclining desk. Created by Altwork, the $7,600 desk will improve both productivity and health.
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A former Miss Universe Australia winner has been cruelly shamed for her weight on social media after sharing a photo of herself in a sultry white bikini while on holiday. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City offense were unstoppable after withstanding the Houston Texans early rally. Democrat Adam Schiff, leading the U.S. House of Representatives team charged with arguing that President Donald Trump must be removed from office, on Tuesday said that the process being considered for the upcoming Senate impeachment trial is not fair. Synonymous with film photography, lilacs and classical music, Rochester offers an unusual array of attractions for a mid-sized U.S. city that brought industrial prowess to a scenic river gorge on Lake Ontario's southern shore. Chelsea's hopes of signing Edinson Cavani have been dealt a blow with the striker's father saying he thinks his son will join Atletico Madrid if he is allowed to leave Paris Saint-Germain.
Researchers at the Field Museum in Chicago say while logging causes localised extinctions, global warming wipes them out completely. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn talk about their new book, and Daniel Susskind discusses A World Without Work. Toyota's recall is due to an issue with airbag control units that could prevent the safety devices being triggered during a crash, while Honda's is a wider call back for US models with Takata airbags fitted. On Mondays, we publish a Times photo without a caption, headline or other information about its origins. Join the conversation about what you see and why via a live, moderated discussion from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern.
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