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Can fludrocortisone make you tired? This can lead to severe effects, including fatigue, weakness, low blood pressure, body aches and pain, fever, confusion, or coma. These are especially possible if you 've been on high doses of this drug for a long time. Don't change your dose or stop taking fludrocortisone without talking with your doctor.
How long does it take for florinef to work? It may take 2 to 4 weeks for fludrocortisone to start to work.
Can prednisone cause low potassium levels? One way your body regulates blood potassium levels is by shifting potassium into and out of cells. Some medications may cause potassium loss which can lead to hypokalemia. Common medications include loop diuretics (such as Furosemide). Other drugs include steroids, licorice, sometimes aspirin, and certain antibiotics.
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